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Friday, 29 December 2023 10:07

Prolaborate 5.2 overview

Prolaborate 5.2

This article is an overview of the main enhancements available in the upcoming Prolaborate 5.2, a follow up from Prolaborate 5.1 review.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication support.
  • Version Explorer.
  • Custom elements icons and default analyzer colours.
  • Dynamic charts enhancement.
Tuesday, 28 November 2023 08:08

Prolaborate 5.1

Prolaborate 5.1

Following my previous article about Prolaborate 4.4, I tested the latest version 5.1 released in October.

Prolaborate 5 maintains the same user interface as Prolaborate 4, making it simple to upgrade from a user perspective.

Main enhancements:

  • New Lifecycle Roadmap chart.
  • Dynamic charts.
  • Reports: columns filters, inline content editing, Excel export.
  • Card Widgets: quick and easy overview of the repository or project data by highlighting business information or key metrics.
  • Dashboards export/import
  • Rich Text Editor.
Wednesday, 24 May 2023 19:16

Prolaborate 4.4 overview

Prolaborate 4.4

First released in October 2021, Prolaborate 4 is a full redesign of the web application from the previous version 3 for a better user experience, improved performance, to be Cloud ready, more scalable, and more secure.

Since it has completely been rebuilt, Prolaborate 4 delivers most features available in Prolaborate 3, and progressively supporting missing ones as new releases are published.

After 2 and half years since its first release, Prolaborate 4.4 is now available with new features such as the awaited capability to download data from reports to a CSV file, whilst the next release 4.5 should support the Relationship Matrix.

This article is a preview about Prolaborate 4 with examples illustrating the new user experience from this powerful and comprehensive web solution of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect models.

Friday, 18 February 2022 11:03

Prolaborate 3.6 release

Prolaborate 3.6

Prolaborate 3.6 web solution for Enterprise Architect is a new release available to download from Sparx Systems registered user area.

This article illustrates enhancements on the "EA Reports" widget and a new feature to create relationships between elements.

Friday, 30 October 2020 18:19

Prolaborate 3.3 preview

Prolaborate 3.3 preview

Prolaborate 3.3 has just been published. This article illustrates some of the main improvements.

  • Integration with third party applications
    • ** New Microsoft Teams support to share diagrams and views from Enterprise Architect in Teams conversations, and provide an easy access to Prolaborate.
    • Azure DevOps Server version support.
  • Discussions
    • ** New Discussions Dashboard widgets to provide a convenient control and access to specific discussions, reviews and threads.
    • Support to create Discussions on Connectors.
  • Convenient access to download Prolaborate and Pro Cloud Server logs from Prolaborate web interface (Health Checks page).
  • Connectors tagged values are now support (displayed in the properties view).


Prolaborate Data Model Modelling Language profile

Data Models generated via a reverse engineering from an existing Database in Enterprise Architect modelling tool can be shared dynamically with Prolaborate web solution. 

This article illustratse the use of a profile that I defined to customize the level of details for a Physical Data Model that is visible to Prolaborate users.