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Welcome to UML channel is dedicated to UML and SysML modelling languages, and to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect modelling tool.

Requirements gathering, business analysis, systems analysis and design are some of the tasks I carry on a daily basis, using UML or SysML modelling language, Enterprise Architect and other model-driven related techniques.

I've created UMLChannel website to share global information, tutorials, articles, and any news related with UML (Unified Modeling Language) and SysML (Systems Modeling Language), modelling langages maintained by the OMG (Object Management Group), with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect tool, eaDocX Word and Excel extension for EA, and eaUtils utilities free addin for Sparx Enterprise Architect.

eautils addin for sparx enterprise architect

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eaUtils 1.19.7 Find in all diagrams connecteurs

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EA User Group London 2018


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