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Friday, 15 September 2017 12:51

Fix on SysML blocks "parts" compartment in Sparx Enterprise Architect 13.5 (BDD)

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Sparx Enterprise Architect latest version 13.5 includes a fix on the way SysML blocks compartment with the list of parts is rendered on a SysML Block Definition Diagram (bdd). 

Until now, a SysML block's parts are listed within a "properties" compartment whereas it should be named "parts" according to the OMG specifications. Below is an extract from the OMG SysML specifications (page 34).

OMG SysML specifications block bdd compartiment

This gap with the specifications has been addressed in Sparx EA 13.5 as illustrated in the diagram below: results with the previous version on the right hand side (SysML 1.3) can be compared with the new version on the left (SysML 1.4 + EA 13.5). In addition, a part multiplicity is now included in this compartment which can be useful.

  • Note: when the role is not defined on the part (see BlockA below), the multiplicity is not rendered on the block's parts compartment. This issue has been raised with Sparx Systems.

 sysML block definition diagram parts compartiment correction sparx enterprise architect 13.5